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Picnic Themes

Vintage Table Set

Boho Soiree  

Far from your average picnic! There is something about being intentional with those you love most by including:

A laid-back and eclectic gathering infused with the free-spirted essence for the bohemian style .  Set in a natural open space the picnic radiates an effortless charm with low -slung seating of blankets and cushions, enhanced by the soft glow of fairy lights strung overhead, and a soft neutral decor, crating a bohemian oasis.  A relaxed and whimsical picnic experience that captures the boho spirit.

Make your event worry free with Rustic Rendezvous Luxury Picnics & Events. I’ll take care of all the logistics, so you can just sit back and enjoy the day. 

Rustic Elegance 

Step into a timeless theme , drawing inspiration from both natural and outdoor elements. Perfectly complimented by the soothing palette of sage green and neutral florals this outdoor affair seamlessly blends the charm of rustic elements with a touch of sophistication.  Set against a natural backdrop of natural beauty, this    blend of simplicity and luxury, creates a picnic that is both relaxed and exquisitely stylish. Transporting you to simpler times.


Pink Posies & Prosecco 

Who doesn't love a party? 

A charming and sophisticated affair, combining the delicate beauty of pink florals with the effervescence of prosecco.  The setting is adorned with the pink bouquets, creating a visually stunning and romantic atmosphere.  Elegant blankets and cushions provide comfortable seating , while delicate tableware and glassware add a touch of refinement. Making this an memorable and indulgent picnic experience - perfect for a bachelorette or girls night.  Best paired with charcuterie board and rose. 

Afternoon Tea

Who doesn't love spending an afternoon with friends over tea and of course dessert? Let us plan the perfect tea party for you and yours.

An elegant and refined affair, reminiscent of a timeless tradition.  Set in a picturesque setting, the picnic exudes sophistication with neatly arranged tables adorned with classic lace linens, delicate china, and dainty floral arrangements. The atmosphere is filled with the gentle clink of teacups and the soothing melodies of soft music.  This picnic is a delightful blend of relaxation and culinary indulgence, capturing the essence of a traditional afternoon tea experience in a charming outdoor environment.  Best paired with locally sourced desserts.

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